BBC – A police force has apologised after an officer used a Taser on a blind man whose white stick was mistaken for a sword.┬áColin Farmer, 61, was stunned by police following reports of a man walking through Chorley with a samurai sword.┬áCh Supt Stuart Williams, of Lancashire Police, said the force had “deep regrets” and had “clearly put this man through a traumatic experience”.┬áMr Farmer was taken to hospital for treatment and later discharged.┬á”It felt like I was grabbing an electricity pylon,” he said.┬áMr Farmer, who has suffered two strokes, said he thought he was being attacked by thugs.┬áHe was walking to a pub to meet friends on Friday when the officer fired the Taser. It forced him to drop his stick and he fell to the ground, he said.┬áHe said the experience had left him “shaking like a leaf” and scared to go outside.┬áMr Williams said police had “received a number of reports that a man was walking through Chorley armed with a samurai sword”. ┬á”A description of the offender was circulated to officers and patrols were sent to look for the man,” he said.┬á”One of the officers who arrived in Chorley believed he had located the offender.┬á”Despite asking the man to stop, he failed to do so and the officer discharged his Taser.”

Well I guess I’ll just talk about the 800 pound, not blind, elephant in the room:

You’re not blind bro.

I’ve seen Blindos. I feud with blindos. I know what they look like. They don’t look like you dude. Their eyes are lazy and crossed. They stare off into space all the time like they’re day dreaming about being able to see shit. Half the time they wear sunglasses so they don’t look like an idiot. They walk around and purposely wave their cane in front of them to locate obstacles. You, on the other hand, you’re just swatting and shit and poking things with a stick. You’re blatantly looking at people. You’re looking right at the person you’re talking to. You’re looking right at the camera. Stirring your coffee and looking around the restaurant. You’re just an old man with bad vision. You don’t get to run around calling yourself blind.

Thats probably why this dude got lit up by police. I’m sure they were on patrol looking for a man with a samurai sword when they stumbled upon Colin Farmer the Fraud. Sure, his stick looks more like cane. But then again – he’s a man with sight walking around pretending to be blind. Who knows whats going on? He’s not to be trusted. He’s got vision and plays blind, he’s probably got some sort of samurai sword cane to go along with the charade. Better to be safe than sorry.