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FoxNewsHollywood’s hottest may get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to plug a product over Twitter or Facebook, but according to a new study released Wednesday, people are more influenced by the opinion of a blogger (yes, just a regular human being) when it comes to learning more about products or making a purchase. “There is a definite trend we’ve seen where people trust the opinion of a regular person, we trust any person force more than any corporate force when it comes to getting advice and recommendations,” Elisa Camahort Page, co-founder and COO of BlogHer told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “Experience can now be seen as expertise.” And personal branding and marketing guru Dan Schawbel said it simply comes to the fact that the average American can’t identify with Tinseltown types. “Most Americans can’t relate to celebrities because they themselves aren’t rich, famous and powerful. Instead, Americans can cling to people like them who might also have a blog that interests them. Normal people are much more relatable than celebrities,” he explained. “Celebrities haven’t lost clout but there are new influencers that consumers trust that are gaining clout faster than celebrities.” “With celebrities it is a double-edged sword, they now have all these tools to interact with people and they can cross over and become the relatable ‘person that I know,’ but our expectation of transparency has changed,” Camahort Page added. “People do notice when a celebrity has a million followers but they’re only following 48 people and they’re all other celebrities, or when you @reply to someone 80 times and they never once respond. Therefore they aren’t really engaging. Celebrities have a huge opportunity to control their own persona, but it also opens them up to disappoint fans too.”

Well its about time people start to realize this New World Order. Fuck celebrities! Fuck you, Justin Bieber! Fuck You, Kim Kardashian! Fuck You, Situation! You wanna reach the people of America you need to holler at KFC. There’s a reason why when I say to watch a TV show, people set their DVRs. There’s a reason why when I say to go somewhere and get drunk, people get shitfaced. There’s a reason why when I say go somewhere to eat, they stuff their face. And its because they trust me. And why do they trust me? Because I’m pretty fucking mediocre just like most people. I’m out of shape, make pretty shitty money, root for shitty sports teams, by the grace of God sometimes I get laid and I like cheeseburgers and buffalo wings. You know who can relate to that? 99% of dudes out there. I worked a shitty ass accounting job commuting back and forth to my overpriced, undersized New York City apartment. You know who can relate to that? 99% of New York City. So next time you think about cutting a massive check to have some celebrity endorse your product, think about cutting a ridiculously smaller check to KFC and Barstool Sports to do the same thing, just a thousand times more effectively. Seriously the fact that all your typical “guy” brands and products aren’t banging down my door always baffles me. Like Axe or Old Spice or Spike TV or Under Armour or any sports bar, strip club or brand of booze – we’re right up your fucking alley!  Is it because I’m racist and my colleagues drop the C-word alot? Because if that’s the reason I’ll go corporate faster than you can say sell-out. Papa’s gotta eat!

By the common man, for the common man! Viva La Stool!

PS – I wouldnt be surprised if straw hats are the hot new summer accessory

PPS – Yes, I only own one bathing suit that fits me.