Gawker - Last Friday, subway riders everywhere expressed amazement and admiration at the actions of Mysterious Sweater Guy, who handled the verbal assault of some asshole screaming “Bloody Loco” at him on the train with calmness and aplomb. Now, Sweater Guy speaks! His name is Daniel, and he finally emailed us, and attached the above photo of himself. He tells us he was born in Uruguay but has lived in New York for 20 years, currently in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. He works as an analyst at a credit rating agency. On the day in question, he was riding the Manhattan-bound 7 train, returning from seeing his girlfriend in Queens. As he tells it in his email, “I got on the subway and accidentally bumped his leg and it started. He called me a pussy and I told him ‘I am what I eat.’ When a girl laughed he went ballistic.” That’s when the video started. And the ending of it all? “The guy got off a couple of stops later asking me to get off the subway and ‘shoot it out’ with him.” Daniel declined.

The Bloody Loco Saga continues! What a line from Blue Sweater Bookworm huh? Thats one of those responses I wish I had loaded up in my arsenal for every time someone has called me a pussy. Just one of those responses that gives you complete control of the situation and totally turns the tables. Wish I could go back in time to every pussy insult I’ve ever received. Like Costanza and the “Jerk Store” line.

Bloody Loco was better off just saying “Oh yea? Well I had sex with your wife!” rather than launching into that ace-fucking-sap! rant.

PS – $20 says Blue Sweater dude fucked the girl that laughed at his joke. Made her laugh right off the bat with a sexual joke and then played the whole calm, confident, distinguished card during a fight? Chicks eat that shit up. Put it in the books. He probably fucked her at the next stop.