I’m almost happy last night happened. Last night was such an embarrassment its grounds to blow everything up. Absolutely anybody can get fired or cut now. There would be absolutely zero backlash for benching Mark Sanchez now. Zero backlash for firing Rex or Mark Tannenbaum. Truth be told any of these guys could have been axed at any point over the past 6 months or so and nobody would have really batted an eyelash. But the Thanksgiving Day Massacre last night is the perfect excuse. Its the perfect jumping off point to blow up the franchise and rebuild.

The problem with the Jets under Rex Ryan has been in 2009 and 2010 they overachieved, and since then have been wallowing in mediocrity. The franchise and the fans desperately¬†holding on to the “2 straight AFC Championship games” while Sanchez turns in 8-8 seasons is my fucking nightmare. And thats what happening. Listening to Jets sympathizers talk about Rex Ryan’s career record of like 32-26 and Mark Sanchez’s or like 35-29 or whatever those figures are. Blame the offensive line and receiving core for Sanchez’s struggles. Blame injuries and age for Rex Ryan’s defensive failure. All this sort of bullshit that would keep the Jets on this course of going absolutely nowhere. Well you can use last night’s embarrassment is a trump card for all those flimsy arguments. Now is the Jets chance to clean house with zero repercussions.

It reminds me of the Mets collapse in 2007. That was such an embarrassing moment they could have made wholesale changes. Looking back, they should have. They wasted years hanging on to that core. Wasted time and money slowly bleeding to death when they should have just ripped the band aid off and started over. Hindsight is always 50/50 but the Jets should have some foresight. Nows the chance for the Jets to fast forward to rock bottom and start the rebuilding process from the inside out.

PS – Instead what will happen is Tannenbaum will be demoted and Mike Westhoff will get fired and everything else will stay the same and the Jets will suck with no plan for future intact at all.