But we were so happy. I don’t- I just don’t- I don’t get it.

Providence Journal- BOSTON – Kevin Youkilis’ response to comments made Sunday by Bobby Valentine that the third baseman was not as “physically or emotionally into the game as he has been in the past”:

What is your response to what Bobby Valentine said — that you’re not as physically and emotionally into the game as you once were?

“I don’t know. That’s not what I see. I go out every day and play as hard as I can — take every ground ball in the morning, take every at-bat like it’s my last. I don’t think my game has changed at all. I still get upset with myself. I still get mad. That’s just not how I go about the game of baseball.”

Did he make similar comments in person to you?
“No. I just found out last night. My agent told me something was coming out. I just heard that.”

He has never had a conversation with you suggesting there was something lacking?
“No, that’s the first time I heard it.”

Have you talked to him this morning?
“Yeah, we talked, but everything, whatever we talk about, stays inside that room.”

Did he seek you out or did you seek him out?
“Well, I was one of the first ones here. There was no one here.”

Do you feel OK about how you left things with him?
“I go out and just play the game. It doesn’t matter one way or another. There are things that have happened over the years with a lot of different things in baseball. If you’re going to sweat everything in life, little things that happen all the time — you’ve got to go out and play, you’ve got to play the game hard. For me, it’s not an issue.”

Is it upsetting to have your commitment questioned publicly?
“I’m more confused than anything. Everyone knows I go out and play the game as hard as I can. That’s just my style of play. I never was blessed with the raw tools like the guys who have got tools, so I’ve always hard to use playing the game as hard and with full effort my whole life. I don’t know any better. That’s just the way I play. …

“I don’t know if the quote — I don’t know if it was exactly — I don’t know. I’m confused about that. For me, personally, everyone around here knows that I go out here and play with emotion. The only time my emotion has ever been questioned is because I’ve been too emotional about stuff. That’s just how it is. For me, I’m going to be the same guy.”

Who had the under on 10 games before a Bobby V fiasco up in Boston? Please step forward and collect your earnings. Personally, I thought Valentine would make it to at least Mother’s Day before he started throwing players under the bus and tearing that clubhouse apart, but I can’t say I’m upset with how these recent events have transpired. I’m gonna side with Youkilis on this one. As much as I despise any player who has ever donned the red and white of Red Sox nation, I have to respect Youkilis and his undeniable work ethic. If we’re basing this on in-game sweat alone, Youkilis is a perennial MVP candidate. Other than mid-July Alfredo Aceves and his comically drenched brim of the hat, Youkilis has the crown.

Look at some of these quotes from Youkilis. “I’m more confused than anything… I don’t know if the quote- I don’t know if it was exactly- I don’t know.” Is Kevin gonna cry? This kinda sounds like something you say before you’re gonna cry. Youk is talking like a guy who just got blindsided with the “Hi” text from his girlfriend, which, as we all know, can only lead to “I’m late” or “We need to talk.” With reports surfacing that Pedroia has publicly stated he has his teammate’s back, the wheels are turning for a full-fledged mutiny up in Beantown.

The best part about this whole thing is that it’s happening 9 games deep. In what is equivalent to late in the 4th quarter of the first NFL game of the season, Bobby Valentine has managed to split Boston and it’s fan base into Team Youk and Team Bobby. Imagine Belichick holding a press conference at the 2-minute warning of game 1 to announce that Brady is playing like a little bitch. That’s pretty much what Valentine is pulling, and as a Yankee fan, I couldn’t be happier. Let us gain a little bit of a cushion in the standings while you guys figure out your Maury Povich shit up there in weekday television land.