NYDN - A fast-and-furious thief slipped into a parked Maserati sports coupe in Times Square and zoomed away while its owner stood nearby, cluelessly talking to a friend, police said. Chadwick Lange pulled up at the intersection of 47th St. and Broadway around 4:40 a.m. Sunday and hopped out to meet a buddy, police said. “He sees his friend, so he pulls over to talk to him,” one police source said. Lange, 43, a big-shot real estate broker from Florida who recently moved to the city, left the keys in the ignition of the 2008 black GranTurismo — and didn’t even bother to turn off the engine, police said. ”He puts the car in park but doesn’t take the keys out,” the source said. “His friend is there; he starts talking to him while these two guys come up to him.”  They politely asked Lange if they could snap photos of the ride, which has a sticker price in the neighborhood of $150,000. After the duo took a few shots, Lange continued chatting up his pal — and one of the men sneakily jumped into the driver’s seat and sped away, police said. The other faux photographer ran down the block, chasing the car. ”He starts running south on Broadway and catches up to the car as it’s turning the corner,” the source added. The driver briefly halted the car as the second suspect dipped into the passenger seat as the driver made a right turn onto W. 47th St., heading toward Eighth Avenue — and out of sight, cops said.

Most unbelievable part of this story is the guys were able to zip away through Times Square. I mean I guess 47th and Broadway isn’t the clusterfuck, circle of Hell you encounter down towards 42nd street, but still. Its not like they were on the Autobahn on the open road or something.

I have zero sympathy for anything that happens to a person who decides its a good idea to keep a several hundred thousand dollar car in New York City. There is absolutely no reason to have that car in Manhattan other than you’re flashing your money. Its impractical to own any car in this God forsaken gridlocked prison, let alone a $150,000 car with 500 horsepower that sits about 4 inches from the ground. Thats the exact type of machine you want for 2 miles an hour of stop and go with asshole cab drivers and road rage commuters and suicidal bike messengers swarming you everywhere you go. And thats before we even address the fact that your little toy with 6 figure price tage sticks out like a sore thumb to every car jacker and 99% protester out there.

Just take a fancy car service wherever you go you idiots. Arrive in style and avoid the Times Square Grand Theft Auto.