Hindustan TimesBrad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have just splashed 25,000 pounds to convert an old fisherman’s cottage, in the grounds of their estate in the South of France, into their own sex grotto. According to a source, as well as being sound-proofed, it’s got a bed, a sex swing with stirrups and a chest full of goodies. “They disappear down there, telling their kids they’re going out for some fresh air,” the Sun quoted the source as saying. “Brad comes back looking like the cat that got the cream and they are giggly for the rest of the day,” the source added.

Brad and Angelina are doing it right. Minus adopting a zillion Africans. Thats doing it very very wrong. But aside from that I love their style. Met on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and just decided to say fuck it. Break up a marriage and just start banging each other regardless of what people thought. And are they even married yet? No right? Its like they aren’t really married, don’t have any real kids, just keep amassing an army of Kony Kids, and fuck each other into bolivian inside their 40 thousand dollar sex shack. Swinging from the ceiling, fucking with machines, and punishing each other inside a vault of perverted heaven. Turning their lives into their own personal porno. Can’t knock that hustle.

PS – If you don’t think “The cat that got the cream” is my new go-to phrase you are outside of your mind. That will be on Barstool New York no less than 1,000 times this year.