Fox SportsNFL running back Brandon Jacobs was behind the wheel of one of the luxury sports cars at the center of a “Death Race” probe of two New Jersey state troopers, the Star-Ledger reported Monday.  State police were investigating claims that the troopers led the way as dozens of the flashy vehicles raced at speeds of more than 100 mph across the Garden State last month. Witnesses complained that the fleet of cars — including Porsches, Lamborghinis and Ferraris — were joyriding with their license plates covered by black tape and weaving across all three lanes. The troopers were accused of giving the vehicles an escort, with their emergency lights flashing, down the Garden State Parkway to Atlantic City on March 30. A witness dubbed the stunt “Death Race 2012.” Jacobs, the longtime Giant who signed with the 49ers two days before the incident, was among the group traveling behind the troopers, a source familiar with the trip told the newspaper on condition of anonymity. The two-time Super Bowl champion is known for his love of sports cars. Jacobs’ agent confirmed that “Brandon was part of a group that went down to Atlantic City on March 30.”

Well at least Jacobs is putting use to that fast ass car! I wish this shit really was a Death Race. Porsches and Lamorghinis and Ferraris all skidding out of control and blowing up in front of the Cheesquake rest area. For every time I’ve gotten pulled over going 80 heading down to the Shore, it pisses me off to hear about fat ass Brandon Jacobs pretending he’s Vin Diesel in Fast & The Furious Part 12 with his license plate blacked out. And any time I hear about cops, who have never let me slide for anything in my life, escorting a bunch of dickheads down the Garden State, that really rips my cock. Its like just when I thought Brandon Jacobs was gone for good he reaches back all the way from San Francisco and teams up with douchebag State Troopers to piss me off yet again.

So fuck Brandon Jacobs. Fuck the NJ State Troopers. And fuck all these other bougie bastards who have nothing better to do than measure each others dicks racing on the Turnpike.