PFTSeahawks receiver Braylon Edwards played with Mark Sanchez in New York during Sanchez’s first two years with the Jets, and Edwards thinks it’s unfair to Sanchez that he’s taking most of the heat for the Jets’ disappointing season. Edwards wrote on Twitter that Jets fans shouldn’t blame Sanchez. Instead, Edwards said, Jets fans should blame “the idiots calling the shots.” Edwards didn’t name the idiots he’s referring to, but he presumably means Jets coach Rex Ryan, General Manager Mike Tannenbaum, owner Woody Johnson, or some combination of the three.

I know there’s a ton of people to blame right now for the Jets debacle. And its easy to look at 2009 and 2010 when Sanchez had success managing a winning team and come to the conclusion that the team has downgraded in virtually every other position on the field and thats why Sanchez isn’t failing now. The demise of the offensive line, running game, receiving core, special teams and defense all falls on the shoulders of the brilliant braintrust of Woody, Rex and Mr. T. But that excuse only goes so far. I said the same shit for 2 years now. At some point Sanchez needs to shoulder some of the blame too. Most outsiders and the media have already been doing this for a while now, but its finally justified at this point. Interesting typo there from Braylon, no? Maybe a little Freudian Slip, as the only thing Sanchez has been able to “probe” is his lineman’s asshole during his pathetically helter skelter play. Yea, the O line sucks and Shonn Greene is garbage and you have no targets – but none of that explains that absurd turnovers you still commit. That doesn’t explain how uncomfortable you look out there. Doesn’t explain that look of defeat on your face before the game even starts.

I know the Jets, the fan base, and the media did Sanchez pretty dirty. Between the Tebow situation and how management handled the talent surrounding him, you can definitely understand Braylon Edwards’ “blame the idiots” idea. But at some point enough is enough. Sanchez is done here in New York. Whether that could have been avoided is debatable. Maybe he could thrive elsewhere. But its too late now for this team.