Boston Globe- According to a major league source, Orioles folks weren’t thrilled to see the Red Sox lineup Monday night. Dustin Pedroia was out with a jammed left finger and Jacoby Ellsbury, who has been nursing a lat strain, also was held out against CC Sabathia. The entire Red Sox roster has been a joke since the big deal with the Dodgers. Last night, the Red Sox lost 10-2 to the Yankees, who took a one-game lead over the Orioles in the AL East. “Can’t wait to watch the Pawtucket Red Sox against the Yankees in a game that’s pretty important to the AL East race,” said a longtime National League scout. “Are the Red Sox trying to help the Yankees win this thing? I’ve never seen such a weak roster.” Said another major league official, “The Yankees have five potential Hall of Famers at the top of their order. The Red Sox have guys who don’t even know where the Hall of Fame is.”

Sources have also confirmed that today is Tuesday. Waiting to hear confirmation on the rumor that it’s raining… Obviously the Orioles aren’t happy with the Red Sox lineup. The Red Sox aren’t happy with the Red Sox lineup. You think Bobby V pinned that thing up in the clubhouse and thought to himself, “Goddamn, I feel good about this one.” Strolled around the office with an extra pep in his step derived from the confidence in the group of guys he’s sending out there. Absolutely not. But considering half the team can’t play for him because of injuries, and the other half won’t play for him because he’s a fucking goon, Bobby’s gotta go with what he’s got.

But have no fear Orioles fans, Dustin Pedroia will be in tonight’s lineup. According to a tweet by Peter Gammons, Pedroia intends to “change the culture” of that team by gutting it out and playing tonight. Take it easy, Dustin. I don’t think you need to go as far as playing with a broken finger to change that team’s culture.  Pretty sure just showing up to the stadium before 6:00 and not reeking of booze and strippers would suffice. This is September baseball, Baltimore- the time of the year when serious contenders emerge, SportsCenter stops showing Padres highlights, and some teams put out shit lineups. Deal with it.