NYDNShe might be the biggest Bridezilla of them all. One woman’s over-the-top email of demands to potential bridesmaids has gone viral since it was posted on Gawker.com. “You all have a big roll [sic] in this wedding, so before we continue I’m going to be setting some ground rules and it’s very important you read and think everything through before you accept this honor to be a bridesmaid,” the unnamed bride-to-be begins. If recipients don’t answer emails when outside the country, can’t attend every wedding-related event, or don’t have the cash for several flights and a bridesmaid’s dress, they might not make the cut. “If money is tight and you can’t afford to contribute to the bachelorette party or won’t be able to afford a dress, then [I] don’t have time to deal with that, I’m sorry,” the woman wrote. Of course, she’ll aim for what’s affordable, but, “If you think it’s going to be a $25 Forever 21 dress then you’re going to the wrong wedding.” The lucky bridesmaids must also be available — at any moment — between February and August. “If you don’t think you’ll be able to attend one party but can make the rest of them, I’m sorry, but I’ll have to take you out as a bridesmaid and put you as a guest,” the woman wrote. And please, don’t ignore phone calls. “I don’t have time to wait around for responses, everyone has their phone on them,” she wrote. “It shouldn’t take you more than a day to get back to me.” I’m not going to harass you with wedding stuff every hour of everyday but if its something important and it takes you a week even 2-3 days to get back to me seeeee ya!”

See the full email here

Being a bridesmaid has gotta be the worst thing of all time right? Its like your friend decides to get married and have a party for herself and instantly you become her slave and you have to spend a thousand bucks. Seriously if I was a chick and make sure I had zero friends just to ensure I never get asked to be a bridesmaid. I’d just be a huge slut and fuck tons of dudes and make sure every girl hates me just so I never have to drop a G on a dress and the “honor” to be someone’s bitch for 18 months. And whats crazy is that its all just a vicious cycle. Some bitch is a bridezilla and turns her friends into brideslaves so then when its their turn to get married they do the same shit to their friends. Its like this web of chicks acting like C-words that multiplies exponentially. In the end you end up all hating each other and you’re broke. Well done, ladies.

Hey girls! Guess fucking what! You’re not Kate Middleton. Nobody gives a fuck about you! Doesn’t matter how “epic” your wedding is gonna be. If you’re this big of a pain in the ass you’re probably gonna get divorced within 3 years. Don’t be surprised when you have no friends left after your husband says “seeeeee ya!”