The SunLAURA Summers was addicted to plastic surgery – until, a day after a lip jab, she woke up looking like this. The model, who had spent £60,000 on procedures, said: “I looked in the mirror and screamed. All I could see was a monster looking back at me.” Her lips had ballooned to four times their normal size after a botched £200 jab that was meant to make them sexily plump. Now Laura, once branded the vainest woman in Britain, wants to warn others about the risk of cowboy cosmetic companies. She said: “It’s dishonest and they are playing with people’s lives. “I thought for a while I might be scarred for life or I could have even got an infection and died.” Laura, 27, first went under the knife aged 20 after years of being bullied about her looks at school.

You never go full retard, and you never go full plastic. If this bitch had just quit like 45 grand into her plastic surgery she woulda been fine. One minute she’s in high school tucking her dick between her legs singing Goodbye Horses like she’s Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs, next minute she’s got a life size Barbie/porn star thing going on. I mean, yea, her face was so stretched she probably can’t even blink or close her mouth. But thats infinitely better than that man face/tranny eyebrows look from the “Before” picture.

But she got greedy. Flew too close to the sun on plastic tits and fell into a sea of colagen and drowned. Went from a sexy fake porn star to Hitch when he had that allergic reaction. Looks like someone stuffed some polish sausage inside her lips for God’s sake.

Oh well, Laura. Just roll with the punches. Go get a 5th boob job and just tell guys you have a great pair of DSLs.