Huff PoA British teenager admitted in court last week that he killed a cat with a microwave, believing the animal was talking to him, Norwich Evening News 24 reports. In late September, Jamie Blake was staying at John Room House, a housing accommodation in Thetford, England for homeless and at-risk adults, according to the Daily Mail. While there, the 19-year-old befriended a stray cat, which he named “Buddy.” Blake, who has mental health issues, was keeping Buddy in his room, feeding the cat cheese and tuna. Blake told officials that the cat began talking, telling him that his mother’s ex-partner, who is deceased, was injecting her with heroin. Blake claimed he argued with the cat before putting it into the microwave for three minutes, killing it. John Room House staff later found the cat and the discarded microwave in a trash area, the Sun reports.

Just add it to the resume of fucking cats. Smug nasty creatures. Condescending assholes. Always just parading around like they’re better than you. And now it turns out they spread rumors about your mother’s dead boyfriend and how hes injecting her with heroin. Even this cat that was fucking homeless. Buddy the Stray – such a piece of shit cat he doesn’t even have a litter box to shit in. And along comes Blake and gives him a home. Feeds him cheese and tuna. Basically saves his life out of the goodness of his heart. And Buddy has the nerve to talk shit on his mother.

Well guess what, pal? Thats a surefire way to get your ass microwaved. Cats always walkin around like they own the joint because gay cat lovers like Pizza Boy are too pussy to stand up to them. I bet you Pizza Boy’s cat could fuck his mother and Pizza Boy would still feed him some Fancy Feast and give him a new ball of yarn. But not Blake. Dude has a pair of balls and probably a little bit of a drug problem and he wasn’t afraid to nuke that pussy for 3 minutes. Dude should have never been a cat person in the first place.