BrokelynHow many people do you know with epic tattoos? Of those people, how many of them are in a pretty much constant state of fiscal-overdrawnery and/or unemployment (AKA: “freelancing”)? Do they live in Williamsburg? Do they wish they did? They might be in photographer Paul Nathan’s new coffee table book, “Generation Ink: Williamsburg, Brooklyn,” featuring portraits of walking canvases who have spent upwards of $10,000 on their ink. Who are these people, where did they get $10,000 and why did they spend it on tattoos? And who are you to judge? You have a Louis Vuitton bag but are a month behind on rent! Oh, wait, that’s me. Did these people get their money’s worth? And what’s your number?

Hey bro that owl snake across your chest is awesome! Those sleeves that just look like a bunch of leaves are really cool! And hey toots that hand pinching your pussy looks pretty kinky.

But let me see your assholes.

If you ain’t tatt’d up on your sphincter then guess what? You ain’t edgy anymore. Yea I know you 10 grand worth of ink on your body. But if your asshole is ink free than you ain’t hardcore. So, I’m sure you get laid every now and then because you’re in a band with tats. But deep down I know you wanna be the most bad ass rocker/biker out there. And the reality is you’ll just never be as tough as Asshole Tattoo Girl. Sorry.