NY Post – A Brooklyn marina pub broke off from its main structure during the hurricane — and floated two miles before landing on a residential street, treating stunned residents there to its well-stocked bar for an after-storm bash. “We had a big party. We had nothing else to do while we were waiting for everything else to dry, and this was a great opportunity to get our minds off everything,” said Michael Sarrell, 27, one of the Gerritsen Beach residents who took solace in the battered Gateway Marina bar that came to rest just outside their door. The bar — which residents identified as a chunk of the marina establishment on federal parkland on Flatbush Avenue — had been lifted from its foundation in Mill Basin during Superstorm Sandy and drifted in swollen Deep Creek Bay, past the Belt Parkway, all the way west to the dead-end block at Madoc Avenue and Keen Court in Gerritsen Beach. “It was moving 30 mph toward my house!” said Patrice Dolan, 52, who recalled screaming, “Oh, my God! What do I do? What do I do?” as the surreal moment played out. When the bar hut came to a rest, residents discovered its tables and chairs were miraculously intact — as was a wide variety of booze. By Wednesday, residents had set up an impromptu watering hole, writing “SANDY’S BAR” in red marker across the gray facade. Once the liquor supply quickly ran out, “B.Y.O.B.” was scribbled below. “We had Jameson, Skyy Vodka and a bunch of beer,” said resident Nino Coppolino, 29. “We packed 40 people in there. That’s a lot of body heat to stay warm.”

Well if God and Hurricanes planted bars right in the middle of neighborhoods more often, Hurricanes wouldn’t have such a bad rap. I mean where was Breezy Point’s bar? How could Sandy couldn’t throw a few kegs Staten Island’s way? If I was in Brooklyn starving and cold without power and I saw this bar I’d be convinced I was hallucinating or something. Like a mirage when you’re lost in the desert. Everyone else in the neighborhood dreaming of electricity and power and safety and all I wanna do is get my hands on some Bud Lights and rip some whipped cream vodka shots. Hey FEMA, don’t worry about me bro! Tell First Responders they can go to some other neighborhood that needs them! I’m at Sandy’s Bar, I’m good!

I mean was there any better place in the history of places to get laid than inside this bar? Its a pub dropped from the heavens above amidst a scary and harrowing natural disaster. Chicks are seeking shelter. They’re seeking comfort. They’re seeking help from strangers. Well bingo bango cmon down to Sandy’s Bar! Its warm and fun and we’ve got booze! 20 bucks says that place turned into a smush room within an hour.