NYDNA Brooklyn drug dealer is bringing some reefer gladness to Hurricane Sandy victims. So claims the Huffington Post, which reports that the dealer has already donated about two days’ proceeds from his pot peddling — about $700 — to helping folks in the hard-hit Rockaways section of Queens. “Look, there are probably some people down there who want some marijuana — but that’s not going to clothe and feed them,” said the dealer, whom HuffPo did not identify beyond describing him as “college educated.” “So in order for me to help, I needed to turn what I do into something concrete that I could give to them.” The dealer said he was moved to donate by the sight of the devastation in Breezy Point, a neighborhood that happens to be home to a fair number of cops. He said he alerted his regular customers that he was going to use his profits from selling weed to help the needy — and the orders began rolling in. ”Yes, I made a little extra money for myself those two days,” he told HuffPo. “But (my clients) are getting something they’d already get anyway. I was going to work regardless, and now I felt like I was doing it with purpose.” The dealer said money he’s made is going to buy hot meals, baby diapers and formula, clean water and other badly needed supplies. HuffPo confirmed the dealer has already bought 50 woolen blankets for Rockaway residents. “I’m not doing what I do in order to get rich or create some super marijuana empire,” he said. I’m trying to help, and this is my job.”

Gotta love to see the city of New York coming together. The Smut Industry and the Alcohol Industry joined forces for Saloon’s Breezy Point Fund Raiser and raised over $130,000 so far. Now we got the drug world contributed to the relief effort. Really its no different than what Barstool and Saloon did. All of us provide you with your favorite daily vices – smut, booze and weed. Doesn’t matter if the money comes from T&A, people getting shitfaced, or the drug industry. That money is still gonna buy blankets and food for displaced families in the Rockaways. And lets be honest “selling weed” ain’t “dealing drugs.” Not like its some blood money that you can’t morally accept. Shit is basically legal now.

In all seriousness though, a lot of the media coverage and attention towards Hurricane Sandy has died down but the battle has really just begun for people in some of the most devastated areas. Breezy Point and the rest of the Rockaways, Staten Island, spots in the Jersey Shore. Don’t stop donating and helping just because it ain’t front page news every day anymore.