NY PostThey’ve been bad boys, and they need to be taught a lesson — at “john school.” “It’s a scared-straight concept,” said Rhonnie Jaus, chief of the Brooklyn DA’s sex-crimes division. “The majority of the people are in the transportation industry: truck drivers, bus drivers, cabdrivers, because they’re in cars and can pull right over.” The program, officially called Project Respect, celebrates its 10th anniversary this summer. None of the other boroughs has a john school. “When I heard about the class, I was relieved. [A prostitution bust] is not something I want on my record,” said accounting student Adrian Caesar, 25, who was recently arrested trying to pick up a female undercover cop minutes after he dropped his girlfriend off at her East New York housing project.  “I like women. That’s my downfall.” The 50 men who attended the class in Brooklyn last week included a former Bridge and Tunnel cop, a construction worker and an ex-Marine. Almost every man said he was entrapped — and claimed he had no interest in paying for sex. “You just start talking, and then cops roll up on you. I had no money on me, anyway. How was I going to do anything?” said a 52-year-old ambulette driver from Brownsville. Still, he liked the class. “It was worth it,” he said. “You learn things now you didn’t know then. You think twice about having sex with an outside girl.”

Sounds like a real great idea in theory to help out all the cops and construction workers who like bangin whores. But thats just what it is, a good idea in theory. Because in practice, just wrangling up a bunch of sex fiends and getting them to stop fucking hookers is borderline impossible. Not really sure how the NYPD thought this was gonna work. Put these horny derelicts in a continuing education classroom and just show them a bunch of STD infected dicks like it’s an episode of Scared Straight? Already done that bro. Its called health class. Started sex ed in school in about 6th grade. Teacher used to sit up there and talk all about the dangers of drinking and show pictures of liver cirrhosis, but you know what? I still booze every chance I get. They used to show that video where you see that woman giving live birth and they used to teach you how to put a condom on a banana and guess what? Chicks still let guys stick their dicks inside them without protection. Doesn’t matter what the text books say. Doesn’t matter what the powerpoint presentations tell you. Nobody ever heard shit in a classroom that stopped them from doing what they wanted.

Bottom line is, for these guys the STD risk is worth it for the blowjob those broads give. All the “education” you want to give them ain’t gonna change the fact that these chicks make love to their dicks with their mouth and then leave without saying so much as “can i call you?” They’re all like Frank Reynolds. “I love eggs! and I love crabs! and I like boiling denim and banging whores!” So, NYPD Whore Professors, if these guys learning to not want those things is “passing” your course, then you might as well scribble a big red F on every student’s report cards right now. Save everyone the trouble.