GothamistWhile celebrating a birthday at a dive bar in Brooklyn, one man was treated to a rendition of Khia’s “My Neck, My Back (Lick It)” by a group of “PTA moms.” Check out the karaoke cougars below, who were about 10 years younger when this song (which pays tribute to both cunnilingus and anilingus) came out. Those lyrics you’ll hear them belting out over and over again are: “My Neck, my back, Lick my pussy and my crack.” Those PTA meetings can be INTENSE, so we don’t judge them for having to let loose like this afterwards.

I know everyone is gonna be focused on the Janet Reno minx with the mic. She’s like the Posh Spice of this frumpy momslut band. But you know who the real star of this show is? This bitch:

No chick in the history of world has ever needed dick more than this woman.

You know what the funniest part of this whole scene is? They probably all went home to their hipster husbands who were waiting at home writing poetry or something. Telling them they were just at a PTA meeting and then had a couple glasses of wine at Susan’s house. Meanwhile they spent the night at a karaoke bar on stage rapping about getting tongues in their assholes because your hipster vegan dicks haven’t fucked them right since ’98. Do it girls! Pop that pussy!