Annie Jiang holds the cellphone she used to take a picture of a perv who rubbed up against her on the N train.

NY Post A brave Brooklyn student helped catch a subway pervert who had exposed himself and rubbed up against her as she rode a crowded train to school, police said yesterday. Victim Annie Jiang, 17, was standing on an N train — N, as in nasty — last week when she felt an object poking her in the back, cops said. When she turned around, she saw a straphanger rubbing up against her with his emergency brake exposed. “He was just rubbing against me,” Jiang said. “He masturbated against my back.” The quick-thinking Jiang whipped out her pink Pantech cellphone and took a picture with the camera feature. “I tried to take a picture of him because I didn’t want to scream on the train,” Jiang said. “It was blurry, but I got it.” When she spotted him yet again yesterday at the Eighth Avenue stop, a detective was with her and slapped the cuffs on him. Daniel Barricella, 59, of Brooklyn, was charged with public lewdness, sex abuse and harassment. Jiang said she was glad she can ride the train again in peace. “I was scared,” she said. “He didn’t look creepy; he just looked like a normal man. I reported it to the police to keep him off the streets, so he can’t do it to anybody else. The technology really makes a difference.” Cops might have caught him sooner, but the victim had been turned away at a precinct by a cop who told her the incident was not a police matter and to call 311.

Uhh yeah I can imagine the photo was blurry. What is that a fucking Pantech?  What is this 1997?  Seriously nice fuckin phone bro.  Boost Mobile is laughing at that piece of junk.    Guy played it safe jerking off all over your back if you ask me.  No chance I believe that thing sends text messages let alone takes pictures of subway perverts.  Nope some bitch in my carpool used to have one of these things and I’m almost positive all they can do is make local calls and play the original snake game where you’re just like an 8-bit black rectangle eating dots.

And sorry to break it to you sweetheart but no, no you can’t ride the train again in peace.  Train masturbators like Daniel Barricella are like fuckin Al Qaeda in the NY subway system.  Sleeper cell public sexual deviants.  Cut off the head and 25 perverts pop up lying in wait to splooge all over your back on the N train.