BUFFALO, N.Y., Feb. 21 (UPI) A group of New York state bars said they are offering a free breast-augmentation procedure to whoever collects the most beads during Mardi Gras celebrations. The 13 Buffalo bars’ “Boobs for Beads” promotion, masterminded by Bayou nightclub manager Sean Coughlin, offers a breast augmentation procedure by Dr. Lakshmanan Rajendran to the person who brings the most beads to the final count at 2 a.m. Wednesday at the Noir nightclub, The Buffalo (N.Y.) News reported Tuesday. However, Coughlin said the winner can be male or female and can opt instead for a tummy tuck, nose job or another form of cosmetic surgery comparable in price to the breast procedure. The contest has drawn criticism from those who contend it promotes poor body image. “I think the overall message is here’s a shortcut to fixing something that’s wrong with you — which may or may not be wrong,” said Sharon Mitchell, director of counseling services for the University at Buffalo.

This contest sounds great on paper right? Everyone’s got visions of hundreds of bitches taking their shirts off battling every other naked chick for a free boob job. But the reality of the matter is all the hot bitches with great tits don’t need a boob job. This contest is just gonna end up being a bunch of flat, ugly Buffalo bitches flashing their non-existent tits. That hot chick with the C cup ain’t flashing you so she can get her boobs sliced open just to go up to a D. I mean she might flash you just because she’s a slut with no morals on Fat Tuesday. But it ain’t the free boob job thats enticing her.

Oh but don’t worry they’re also letting dudes in this contest too. So there will also be fat guys flashing their dicks in the hopes that they’ll win a tummy tuck. Awesome time Buffalo. Flat chicks and fat dude’s dicks, thats how Buffalo does Mardi Gras.