NYDNEven as Amanda Bynes‘ behavior is quickly spinning out of control, the troubled starlet is still adamant that she’s “doing amazing.” The former “All That” actress engaged in a series of odd behaviors at her local gym in Hollywood Tuesday night, resulting in her expulsion from class. According to sources at Equinox, Bynes was disruptive during a 50-minute spin class, getting up in the middle of it to wander throughout the studio in search of a new bike, TMZ reports. When she finally found a suitable replacement closer to the room’s giant mirror, Bynes hopped back on the bike but immediately removed her top to reveal “a tiny black strapless push up bra … not a sports bra,” a source told the site. Stranger still, Bynes stopped her workout about 25 minutes into the class to dig through her Louis Vuitton purse, locate her makeup and leisurely reapply it while the rest of her class presumably huffed and puffed through their intervals. After 10 more minutes of her shenanigans, the instructor finally got fed up with Bynes’ bizarre behavior and told the 26-year-old actress to get out of ┬░his class, TMZ reports. Bynes then promptly put her shirt back on, picked up her bag and other things and left.

I’m obsessed. Absolutely obsessed. The fact that this broad doesn’t have a reality TV show to capture this meltdown is such a shame. Every day its something new. Now we’ve crossed over from destructive drug and alcohol abuse to straight up insane behavior. Wandering around spin class shirtless applying makeup. An official break with reality for Bynes. Huge step towards me winning my Celebrity Death Pool. You can’t just be a booze bag or an addict. You need to have actual mental issues. Three huge keys to celebrity deaths 1) Substance abuse 2) Mental instability 3) The X-Factor. What that X-Factor is, nobody knows. Safe bet would be Daddy Issues. But who knows? Could be other family issues. Love life. Career problems. You need to sprinkle some sort of unexpected catalyst in there to spark death.

The funniest part is I keep getting excited every time she does something. I know its coming but it still cracks me up every time. Its like playing with a jack in the box. You crank and crank and crank and you know the clown is gonna pop out but every time it happens you still jump. Fuckin Bynes in a Box.