Daily MailJared Medeiros, 21, claims robbers threw the mobile phone into a manhole in his home town of Ceres, California. He decided to try and retrieve the phone. He took off the manhole cover but then got his body stuck as he went head-first down the water-filled hole. Mr Medeiros was unable to budge for 40 minutes before residents noticed his legs flailing wildly. He was then rescued by firemen. Mr Medeiros said he was walking from his house to a friend’s home when four young men walked toward him. “I walked passed them and then one of them hit me from behind,” he said. “I started fighting with one of them and then all of them were hitting and kicking me on the ground. My head was split open and I was bleeding. “I felt blood from my head and I started shaking, so I went for my cell.” Brianna Mooney, 16, who lives in the house closest to the drain, said she called her boyfriend when she heard the screaming. He in turn called his aunt Christina Nieves, who lives near Miss Mooney, who saw what had happened and called the police. “When I got to the window I could hear him screaming. He was really screaming loud,” said Mrs Nieves. Ceres Police said firemen were able to pull Medeiros out of the hole and assessed his medical condition. They thought Mr Medeiros was slightly intoxicated but not impaired. He suffered minor scrapes and contusions.

You know who my favorite person in the story is? Not the fat drunk kid who got stuck in a hole like Winnie the fucking Pooh. No. Its the news reporter laying down in the street sticking her head into the fucking sewer.

Tihanna McCleese probably went to school and studied Journalism. She lays her head down at night dreaming of the day she’ll win the Pulitzer. Idolizes a woman by the name of Oprah Winfrey. And then she comes to work, spends hours getting her hair and make up done, preparing for her on camera appearnace. And when the time comes to shine she’s gotta put her fucking head in the sewer. Now go have the fat kid pull up his shirt and show you his bruised love handles and call it a day. Ground breaking reporting here from Tihanna McCleese. Reminds me of when you see reporters on the weather channel who are literally standing in the middle of the hurricane. Like I need to see Al Roker getting hit by a tsunami to understand its raining out.