Daily Mail - Television’s legendary Judge Judy rang in her 70th birthday in an outfit that would rival both Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. During a family vacation in The Exumas last month with her husband and their five children, she showed off her ageless and lean figure in a white halterneck bikini.

First off lets acknowledge the fact that this bitch is 70. Seventy! Seven-zero. That is bananas. She’s gotta be the hottest chick to ever hit 70, no? Not even playing around. Pres is over there on Boston calling her a skank and I’m just awestruck. Most chicks who are 70 are fucking dead. Judge Judy is not only alive but she’s kinda sexy. And more importantly she’s fucking rich. You know how much Judge Judy makes? $45 million a year. Thats $123,000 a day. Net worth of about $110 million. You know how bad I’d try to drop a seed up in Sugar Mama Sheindlin? Remember that Chappelle’s Show skit when Dave gets Oprah pregnant and celebrates like he hit the lotto? Well that would be me and Judge Judy. She’s the white Oprah. Only difference is I would probably enjoy fucking her.