Daily MailDeeply affected by the massacre at Sandy Hook, gun owners in Camden, New Jersey, America’s deadliest town, turned in a record number of weapons in a buy back scheme over the weekend. 1,137 firearms including an elephant-gun were handed in on Friday and Saturday at two churches in the crime-plagued town as the ramifications of the mass child killings in Connecticut seemed to inspire residents to give up their arms. ’We heard that there were a number of gun owners on Saturday who had publicly said, in light of the situation that had just occurred in Connecticut, they wanted to turn in their weapons,’ Paul Loriquet, a spokesman for the Camden police, said in an interview with Philly.ComNJ.com reported that those who came to the event were paid up to $250 per weapon with ‘no questions asked.’ Gun owners received $25 for BB guns, $50 inoperable firearms, $150 for revolvers, semi automatics, shotguns and rifles and $250 for assault weapons. Nearly all of the weapons are to be destroyed.

Welp, here’s your test. Here’s the test to see if gun control works. Personally I’m down with gun control because A) The Revolutionary War isn’t knocking at our door and B) I’m not a redneck or a gang banger. Everyone who says they need or want guns I just don’t give a fuck about. But I see both sides of the argument, and here’s the litmus test. Camden, NJ is the most dangerous place on Earth. I’d rather do a tour of duty in Afghanistan than go to Camden. They turned in 1,200 guns and thats probably like 1/100th of the amount of guns in that city. But if you could eliminate all guns from Camden, NJ, could you be convinced to go there? The answer for me is still a resounding no. Still could get shanked or beat with a pipe or some shit. Attacked by crack heads or sassy black chicks or something. Whats the old saying? “Guns don’t kill people, crazy motherfuckers from Camden kill people.”