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How quickly do you think Yankees fans are gonna be like “Whatever, he’s lazy. He doesn’t even run hard down the line to first base!” Which may, in fact, be the worst argument in the history of sports. Cano is like a top 5-10 player in baseball and you’re mad about how he runs during ground outs. Thats like knocking Lebron because he doesn’t dive on the floor for loose balls enough.

Don’t get me wrong though, this is an awful contract. AWFUL. Everything JJ said was right. Cano ain’t turning the Mariners around. This is going to be an albatross contract almost immediately, for a team that isn’t on the precipice of anything big. It seems like everyone knows these contracts are a horrible idea and yet they still keep on getting handed out.

The biggest loser in this whole thing is your boy Jay Z. Right now his two biggest clients are a second baseman who will spend the rest of his career in obscurity in Seattle. The other is Geno Smith. Young Hova ya heard!