Start spreading the motherfuckin’ news! All the ups and downs of the season… All the second guessing and starting rotation issues. Pineda DUIs, trampoline assassins, The fall of the Greatest Of All Time. How did it all end up? The best record in the American League. It definitely got ugly at certain points throughout the season, but at the end of the day, the Yankees reached every important goal they could have. 18th AL East title and home field throughout the playoffs straight through to the World Series. And the best part about the whole thing? The Red Sox have front row seats. Bobby Valentine had that concealed weapon look on his face all night. Seconds away from just absolutely losing his shit and bringing the team down with him. Remember when the Gyro ball was gonna change baseball? Dice-K can reminisce all about that on his boat back home to a nation he has shamed. Even the Sox that jumped ship in that trade to LA don’t get to breathe late October air. Just phenomenal all around. We’ll be breaking down the playoff scenario all day tomorrow, but for now, let’s just enjoy the moment. Yankee baseball starts Sunday.


Which speech has Jeter given more times in his life: “Yeah, it was a great regular season, but now things really start” OR “Morning baby, my driver will show you out”