Hardball TalkAdam Rubin of ESPN New York has an “after” picture of Mets left-hander Jon Niese, who got a nose job during the offseason at former teammate Carlos Beltran‘s urging. Seriously. Beltran apparently even offered to pay for the operation, but then he was traded to the Giants in July. Niese had the surgery anyway and now says the rhinoplasty has helped with his breathing.

When Carlos Beltran, a man who has a mole on his face/ear so fucking large it sucks other smaller moles into its gravitational orbit, is telling you to get plastic surgery, you know you have just about the worst nose on the face of the planet. You could fit 2 Pres schnozes inside of Jon Niese’s nostrils.

But maybe Jon should have taken CB and all his millions up on his offer to pay for that shit. Because by the looks of it, seems like Jonny Niese skimped on the procedure. If you’re gonna get a nose job you might as well go all out. I mean yea that giant, crooked bump on the top is gone, but you didn’t wanna address the fact that the tip of your nose still basically hooks around to the inside of your mouth? Seriously the tip of that nose is still basically touching his top lip. Dude can probably pick his nose with his tongue.