If it wasn’t for Arod having a centuar mural above his bed, this would probably have to take the cake as the most gaudy piece of decorating of all time, right? Not a portrait of him and La La. Not even a portrait or a photograph of Carmelo in action on the court. Just a gigantic 8 foot by 6 foot mural of Carmelo in some sort of purple hurricane in sunglasses hanging over the fire place. Hilarious. My favorite part is that it comes from an article in the Post where they interviewed La La about the design of their home:

How much input has Carmelo had in the design of your home or did you manage the project yourself?

Believe it or not, he has more input and gets more involved than I do. He was really into working with the decorator, Alicia Darby, who also decorated our home in LA.

Ya think?