Gothamist – Last year, a yoga studio in Chelsea phased out women and rebranded as Le Male Yoga, offering up all nude classes to a testosterone-fueled clientele. Le Male Yoga has now re-rebranded as Bold & Naked Yoga, and is welcoming women back into the fold—and along with them come women-only and coed naked yoga classes. But there’s nothing sexual about it. The women-only classes will be different from the studio’s all-male, over-55 naked classes: “We work a little more in emotional psychologies, to really help women to feel good about themselves,” owner Joschi Schwarz told DNAInfo.  ”It’s a different way of thinking in yoga land.” As for the coed classes, Schwarz insists there’s nothing sexual about it—on the website, it even states, “If you are looking for an orgasm, you are in the wrong place.” ”I know sexuality is always in people’s minds and I have a feeling that a lot of people don’t know that yoga has nothing to do with sex at all — it has to do with sensuality, there’s nothing wrong with that,” Schwarz added. There are of course also regular old vanilla clothed yoga classes at the studio, but it’s not quite as exciting when it’s something you can do in the back of the cab.

How many girls are going to sign up for this? Negative infinity? You gotta have a goddam death wish to go into this class. I mean really what chick in her right might would do this? Worst case scenario is some creepy ass dude kidnaps you after class and chains you to a radiator in his basement. Best case scenario you gotta stare at some fat old dude’s hairy asshole. Absolutely no advantage to a chick joining this class.

And I love the instructor like “if you’re looking for an orgasm, you are in the wrong place.” Like that will just fix that. Oh ok now theres no way any perverts show up. You made it really really clear this is just about yoga and stretching. Its not about getting an orgasm there, babe. Its about getting a boner there from all the naked chicks bending over. You get your orgasm when you go back home and dive into the spank bank. Chicks are so innocent and dumb sometimes its honestly dangerous.