“Alicia Fight This White Girl” “From Right Afta Coming From Tha Pool”

GothamistTwo teenage girls have been arrested in connection with an assault outside the McCarren Park Pool that was gleefully documented in a series of disturbing cell phone videos. (YouTube has since removed two of the videos.) A Walk in the Park reports that police have arrested a 13- and a 16-year-old, and are pursuing three others. And a third video, which claims to show one of the bullies doing a victory dance after the alleged assault, is still up. It’s titled “Alicia fight this white girls,” and it’s pretty depressing: The assailants — aged 13 to 17 — followed the girls outside and confronted them on the sidewalk. The first video — entitled, Alicia jus smacked her — shows the horrifying experience. The girls are confronted by a pack of five bullies at the Abate Playground on Lorimer Street in McCarren Park yards away from the pool.  ”Why do you want to fight us,” one of the terrified girls asks. ”You need to watch what you say,” one of the bullies responds. A 13-year-old girl turns to walk away. She gets about 10 feet away, when the videographer says, “Go get her.” Another girl runs up quickly from behind and curling her arm around from the rear and sucker-punches her in the face, landing a solid blow to her nose. The second video, which lasts for more than four minutes, shows the victim sitting on a park bench holding a towel to her bloody nose as the alleged assailants mock her repeatedly. “Whoa,” one of the attackers yells in delight, “you f**ked her up good. You’re the baddest bully, you’re baddest bully. You got her good.” The third video, above, appears to show one of the girls doing a post-fight victory dance, but it’s unclear if she was one of the teens arrested.

First thing’s first – I’ve never been so disappointed in World Star Hip Hop. How the fuck do they not have the video of the actual fights? I mean this trashy celebration dance is enough to paint the picture of what kind of people we’re dealing with here, but those first two videos would have been gold. Step your shit up, World Star! If you can’t provide black on white violence then what the fuck are you good for?

Secondly, its official. McCarren Pool Park is the most dangerous place on earth. In under one month there’s been about 5 cases of assault, a small police riot, people shitting in it, and now these bitches. Theres a reason why this shit was closed for like 30 years. Because its a motherfucking disaster. A public pool in a New York City heat wave has gotta legit be one of the most dangerous places you can possibly go. Its just like “Hey! Lets pack all the different underprivileged people of all different races in to one park when everyone is boiling hot and irritable.” Shit is the perfect recipe for some racial riots.

PS – Not that I can condone the actions of these hoodrat bitches but if you’re a 13 year old white girl you’ve pretty much gotta know you’re getting beat up if you go to McCarren Pool. Use your head, white girls. C’mon.