A friend is someone who is there in a time of need. A best friend is someone who is there to feed a borderline unconscious chick booze while you fingerblast her in the front row of the DMAs

Before we get started, there’s such a thing as the Dubstep Music Awards? Ain’t that some shit. Best WOMP of the Year. Best New WOMP WOMP of the Year. Best Original WOMPtrack In A Motion Picture.

Now. I know what most people are thinking. Everyone is gonna praise that dude feeding that chick booze as some sort of ultimate wingman. “What an assist!” “Thats what friends are for!”

Fuck that. If you don’t think that dude was just lurking in the tall grass waiting for the perfect moment to swoop in and steal this chick, you are outside of your mind. Just feeding her booze to make sure she won’t even know the difference between him and his buddy. Waiting for his friend to go to the bathroom or hit the bar and then Operation Steal That Rape Victim goes into motion. Slide right in behind her during some WOMP WOMP dubstep and finish what his friend started. Basically he just let his buddy do all the foreplay while the ecstasy kicked in and he’s in the bullpen shoving Smirnoff Ice down her throat waiting to close out this W.

Unless of course they are just tag teaming this little MDMA smurf. Entirely possible that this is just a team effort and they sub in and out on the fly. Almost like a line shift in hockey.

PS – Pretty sure both of these dudes might get arrested if this video starts making the rounds.

UPDATE: New video to replace the one that got yanked