PUA TrainingWomen – here’s an easy way to shoot men down without being a total bitch. You’re not a bad person. You’re just pretty damn hot. And guys want to talk to you. But if you stopped to talk to every moe, larry and joe who wanted to get your number, you’d probably never have any time to do anything else. That’s where our Rejection Cards come in. A simple, yet painless way to reject a guy nicely who you have no interest in.

I’ve launched on several crusades here at Barstool Sports. I started a Fire Wilpon campaign. I eviscerate people who make stupid lists. I try to spread the good word of Breaking Bad. But out of all my recurring themes here on Barstool New York, none are more important that calling out broads for being the bitches that they are when it comes to rejecting guys at the bar.

Over the years we’ve seen it all. We’ve seen the dude who pissed all over a chicks leg because she blew him off at the bar. We got the group of guys who opened fire with semi-automatic weapons on a pack of girls who didn’t take kindly to their pick up lines. We got the dude who threw a bowling ball at a girls head because she wouldn’t let him buy her a drink. And each and every time these stories boil down to one thing – snotty chicks who think their shit don’t stink and won’t give a guy a conversation or a drink or a phone number and say something rude. Well guess what you fucking sluts? If you hand me a goddam rejection flyer with a check box marked with the reason you wouldn’t talk to me, I will murder you on the fucking spot. I’ll skip the leg pissing and cut right to stabbing you in the neck with my beer bottle.

You fucking bitches get all dolled up like a bunch of sluts, go out to the bar reeking of desperation, dying to meet a boyfriend, and when someone comes over and gives you the attention you crave and tries to talk to you you act offended. Act like you can’t even be bothered to talk and hand him a postcard that tells him why he sucks. If you think thats better than just sharing a drink or giving him your number and never responding, go for it toots. Just don’t be surprised when you don’t make it out of the bar alive. Sorry I had “Bad Body Language” and a “Bad Dress Sense” but guess what? You’re dead now.

PS – Brilliant marketing by the pick up artist guys. Any dude who ever got one of these, after murdering the girl, would immediately search professional help to make sure he never gets humiliated like that again.