China – With its round bed draped with gauze curtains, pink decor and dim lighting, this room resembles a hotel hideaway frequented by amorous couples. In fact the suite is located inside a hospital in China, which has opened a dedicated ‘sex room’ in a bid to help would-be parents who are struggling to conceive. The Wuhan Songziniao Hospital even has porn and saucy outfits available on request for patients making use of the facility, which is decorated with erotic art and equipped with an array of sex toys. The hospital in China’s Hubei province said the room has been designed to ‘encourage pregnancy by inspiring sexual passion in the patients’. The ward is also furnished with a plush sofa and flat-screen TV should couples wish to take advantage of a DVD offering advice and tips, or to watch a selection from the library of porn films on offer at the facility. For patients still struggling to get in the mood, nurse and air hostess outfits are available on request. Experts are also on hand to provide tips on boosting the chances of conceiving, the hospital said.


You know one of the last places on earth I’d want to have sex? A fucking hospital. Gross. Hospitals are depressing and weird and smelly. Who in their right mind would get turned on by the thought of sex in a hospital. Enter: China. Hey honey, let’s head down and fuck in that place where children are dying from cancer two doors down. Where gun shot victims are often rushed in the front door only to eventually bleed out. Where disease-ridden elderly people come to wheeze their last breath before their corpse is carted down the hall – right passed the room we’re having sex in! – and delivered to the morgue. Yup, having sex at the old hospital. Nothing hotter.

Asian sexual practices will continue to confuse and fascinate me for as long as I’m on this earth. No stranger group of folks when it comes to getting it in.