Cheer up bro!

Asia News - Many rural villages in China are slowly becoming “bachelor villages”–towns teeming with single men with no hope of getting married. In fact, Gao Po village is already being called as such since the single men there don’t have any prospects to marry there, nor even girlfriends to speak of. The bachelors here are desperately looking for wives. This trend most likely will continue in other locations as well because Chinese men greatly outnumber Chinese women. China’s one-child policy, which further reinforces the favoring of boys over girls, as well as the poverty in such provinces, has contributed to this sad situation. Many single women would also rather work in cities than stay in these villages

Hey my man you ever hear of a little quality bro time?? Ain’t so bad man. You can just hang out scaling fish and harvesting rice or whatever it is that you Chinese bros do. You can fart if you want. Don’t have to shower or get dressed up. Can eat and drink and smoke whatever you want, don’t have to worry about what you say around the ladies. Its like going to an all boys school. Trust me its got some perks. And don’t listen to your bitch of a mother. She’s just bitter there aren’t any bachelorette villages out there.