The Sun- A CHINESE pre-school teacher has been sacked after sharing pictures online showing her lifting up a young student by their ears. Parents in China’s Zhejiang province complained to the local education department after the cruel image was posted on social networking site Weibo. The picture shows 20-year-old Yan Yanhong smiling as she hauls the screaming youngster several inches off the ground at the school in the city of Wenling. And the sickening shot was just one of more than 700 images Yanhong posted online, apparently taken by another teacher. Other horrifying pictures showed young children with their mouths taped shut and their hands stuck to the desk to make them sit still. Another shows a child forced into a bin, with their back awkwardly arched over the side. A final picture shows a youth with a rubbish bin on their head. But when confronted by local media, Yanhong explained that she and the students “were just having fun”.

I just wanna go on the record and say this is maybe my favorite blog ever. These pictures are absolutely hysterical. I’m sure if they were like little white kids or something I’d think this is a little more fucked up but they’re Asians. So its funny. Like hey kids you don’t like getting picked up by your ears and getting your mouth taped shut and getting garbage pails thrown on your head? Then don’t live in China. Because I got news for you – shit is gonna get a lot worse for you little fuckers. Just wait until its time to start grooming you to be in the 2016 Olympics. Straight up gonna torcher your asses.