“One of the most beautiful arenas in America?” “One of the country’s most vibrant cities?” Chris I love ya brotha but lets pump the brakes here. They played at the Prudential Center in Newark New Jersey. They probably had it better when they were in the Brendan Byrne Arena. They might as well have played on a playground in Camden. Thats about how desirable it is to go out to the Meadowlands a few times a week to watch the Nets. Seriously people tolerate it for the Jets and Giants because its once a week and thats the NFL. You know how many people want to go to the Meadowlands on like a Tuesday night to watch the Nets get blown out by 35? Zero. Jason Kidd brought them to the Finals like 9 years in a row and you still couldn’t even give tickets away.

Face it, Chris – the Nets leaving for Brooklyn is the best thing that could have happened to the dozens of fans out there. So, for the 1 or 2 Stoolie Nets fans and for Evan Roberts, this is Barstool New York’s official New Jersey Farewell for the Nets. Lets recap their rich history over the past 35 years!

PS – Chris Christie is such a fat fuckin asshole and I love it.