Hello, Fat White Man! Greetings, Skinny Black Man! I like your sneakers! I like yours too!


I don’t wanna get all political here. There’s a time and a place for that and Barstool Sports is neither. But thats why Chris Christie is the fucking man. He realizes theres a time and a place for all the politcal bullshit and right now with his state absolutely¬†annihilated he doesn’t give a shit about the Romney/Obama election. Doesn’t give a fuck about who wants to “tour the damage.” Doesn’t give a fuck about political parties and the debates and which of these idiots is gonna do a mediocre job the next 4 years. He’s just worried about helping the few million people without power and food right now. Just wants to rebuild his home. Kind of refreshing to hear a guy be honest about the shit that matters. Dude has bigger fish to fry than walking around with Mitt so it looks like he cares for his big election. And the guy thats helping him fix his state just happens to be on the other side of the aisle. Don’t matter to the Big Man. Guy just wants to make sure the Boom Boom Room at the Osprey is ready by Memorial Day.

PS – These Fox News clowns were probably shitting their pants as the Big Man was praising Obama. Surprised they didn’t cut the feed and pretend they lost him.