Absolutely the cockiest thing I’ve ever seen in politics. CHRIS CHRISTIE *GOVERNOR*. Absolutely amazing. You think he’s got a closet full of these things? Just pulls a new one out every morning like Mr. Rogers picking out his cardigans. I might make my own sweatshirt just like this. KEVIN CLANCY *SMUT PEDDLER*. Like some sort of blogger uniform.

Now I know its arrogant of me to say this because I don’t know anything about local mayors and governors across the country, but I think the combination of Bloomberg and Chris Christie is absolutely the most hysterical duo in the country. Chris Christie is like 2 weeks away from saying fuck it and joining the WWF. Bloomberg has been mayor for like 12 straight years and doesn’t give a fuck about his job anymore. Just doing press conferences babbling in Spanish with this “I don’t care if you live or die in this Hurricane attitude.” Look at Cuomo even getting in the mix:

Dude’s just worried about getting that blue check from Twitter. What a desperate clown. I’m telling you the local government in New York and New Jersey is the most entertaining crew of guys outside of the Barstool network.