As the only non-Jewish blogger at the stool- what the fuck is this? I know the christmas wreaths and the antlers and red nose Rudolph shit is queer as fuck but this jewish shit is asshole on a different level.


Welp, you finally did it, Jews. You finally won something when it comes to the holidays. It took you 2,000+ years but the streak is over. For once, something related to Hanukah is cooler than Christmas. I mean when it comes to the actual holiday, Christmas blows Hanukah out of the water. We ain’t gettin no transistor radios under the tree. Straight fire gifts all crammed into one day that destroys the 8 nights of Hanukah. Christmas carols are better than Hanukah songs. Christmas movies beat Hanukah movies. Are there even such things as Hanukah movies? The Dreidel game straight up sucks. Its just a no contest in every single department.

Except here. In the last category of car decorations, the Menorahmobile dominates the Reindeer Car. Like I almost lost respect for all the Jewish people I know because they aren’t driving around in this shit. The fact that Pres doesn’t drive the Astro Van decked out as a Hanukah Menorah is borderline insulting to the Jewish religion. I’d probably cruise around with this thing all year round if I was a Chosen.

You win this round, Jews. You win this round.

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