So I just found out last year that Bing Crosby was white. I thought I was an idiot. And I most certainly am. But after mentioning that I thought Bing Crosby was black on MailTime today, the response from Stoolies is showing me that I was apparently not alone. A lot of guys finding out that Bing was whiter than White Christmas for the first time today. I guess I just knew Nat King Cole was black and King rhymes with Bing and they both sing Christmas songs so therefore, Bing Crosby was black in my head for the first 27 years of my life. Then I watched White Christmas for the first time and my head practically exploded when I saw he was white.

I’m sure plenty of people out there new Bing was white. Especially the old ass Stoolies. But I felt like it was my duty to put this Public Service Announcement out there for anyone who was an idiot like me.:

Bing Crosby is white. He is not black.