Ordinarily I wouldn’t really blog this. But here we are on Christmas Eve and all we got are horrible news stories in the papers. Victims of Hurricane Sandy still dealing with the aftermath. Newtown, CT still grieving. Firefighters in Webster NY being shot and killed as they try to protect the people of their town. Everywhere you look theres some seriously depressing shit to ruin the Christmas spirit.

Well here was a nice little bright spot today. Chuck Pagano returns to the Colts cracking jokes about how interim coach Bruce Arians rattled off 9 wins and took them to the playoffs. Just a funny moment in the middle of a real nice press conference by Pagano about his family and his team and how life is something to be cherished. Kinda sappy and obviously Chuck Pagano and the Colts aren’t the only people facing adversity but still a nice moment nonetheless. Sometimes I honestly think Chuck is faking it because this is too good of a sports story. I give it like 2 years before there’s a Disney movie about it.