“Oh my goodness that guy just climbed over that pole! THERE ARE PEOPLE STANDING AROUND!”

Preach Greg Kelly, preach! Whats the problem with Rosanna Scotto? Every time I heard her on the news reporting on Montclair and Roseland she practically wanted to scream “Fuck you Barstool!” Like she’s got some hidden agenda against us or something. “No no, that video does not look like it?” What does that even mean? Like there’s the video. The video you just saw is “what it looks like.” It was just a bunch of people standing in a line outside. Thats not a “riot.” Quit trying to make a big deal out of bullshit, Scotto. I swear Greg Kelly and his father police commissioner Ray Kelly have been the only two dudes with brains thinking about the Blackout Tour reasonably. When the rest of the world is calling us the devil blowing things way out of proportion the Kelly boys were the only guys to come out and say there’s no story here. Its nice to see some people out there are still living on planet earth.

2 free tickets to the next Blackout for Greg and Ray Kelly. Now do me a favor and cue the music!