I’m not even gonna get cute with this blog. Because the numbers speak for themselves – Mad River on a Tuesday night is absolutely the cheapest place to get drunk. If you’re a college kid or fresh out of school and you’re living on a budget but still wanna get shitfaced in the middle of the week because you’re realizing the real world sucks, 82nd and 3rd is your safe haven. From 10pm to close its unbeatable:

$2 beers

$3 shots

$20 for 3 hours of unlimited beer.

20 fucking dollars! 3 fucking hours! Do you know how long $20 usually lasts me? Like 30 seconds. However long it takes for a bartender to take the money out of my hand in exchange for my first round of drinks. Thats how long. At the River you can slap down a 20 and drink until you’re blacked out.  So if you’re a Fordham kid or NYU or Manhattan, or if you’re a post college grad who can’t wait until Thursday to head back out and look to take someone home, you know where to go. Mad River $2sdays is the spot.