Raw StoryPolice in Kendall County, Illinois said Friday that they were investigating whether an off-duty officer drew his firearm and pointed it at a pregnant woman because she had more items than Walmart recommends for self-checkout lanes. Nicole Thurmond and husband Jason were reportedly checking out recently at a Walmart store in Oswego, Illinois when a man confronted them wearing civilian clothing, not identifying himself as an officer. The couple said it was only after his gun was drawn that the man told onlookers he was a police officer. Nicole Thurmond told NBC Chicago that officer Craig French just walked up to her and said, “Don’t you know how to count? You are holding up the whole store.”  When her husband returned from getting an item they forgot, he described the situation he encountered as “a guy in her face, yelling at her.” Jason Thurmond, an African-American man, reportedly pushed the man away from his wife. That’s when the gun was allegedly drawn. In the ensuing moments, Thurmond claimed that the officer asked if he was on welfare.

I spent my entire life making fun of cashiers. Any time it took more than like 7 seconds for me to check out of a store I was like “This bitch is retarded, just let me do it.” And then they came out with the self checkout lanes. And let me just tell you, those things are such a fucking disaster I’d gladly get back in the normal checkout lines and wait for the retards behind the counter. What a shitshow those things are. The little infrared scanner never works for me. Inevitably I end up scanning one thing twice and getting double charged. The computer lady yells at me if I don’t put the items in the bag properly and won’t let me continue until I follow her rules. If you wanna buy anything even remotely dangerous like a bottle of Tylenol you gotta call someone over there to scan their employee card to allow you. If you try paying with cash you end up trying to scoop out a handful of change. Its a fuckin nightmare. It made me realize that I’m pretty much just as dumb as the poor people who are usually behind the registers. Like walk a mile in their shoes and you realize that the life of a checkout cashier ain’t all roses.

So Craig French might wanna holster his gun. Quit making fun of the pregnant lady with a few too many items and the black boyfriend who’s on welfare. Checking out ain’t as easy as it looks.