Editors Note: This is 610′s stupid MVP rebuttal. It would be unfair if I didn’t let someone publish the opposite view point. Even though 610 is an idiot.

That’s right. Runner-up.

Listen, KFC’s got every reason in the world to have a hard-on for Mike Trout. If the award was Most Outstanding Player, he wins unanimously. I’m not trying to say Miguel Cabrera is a better player – even with age off the table, Trout is the unquestioned position player to build a team around. But it’s Most Valuable Player, and outside of a handful of instances (i.e. A-Rod in 2003), that means being valuable to a season of value. Even Trout’s own teammate Torii Hunter agrees he shouldn’t win (with flawed logic): ”Why did Michael Jordan win all those MVPs? Because his team won.” I don’t necessarily agree that it should always be the best player on the best team – but if all the stats are close, then making the playoffs is a difference maker. It’s as simple as this – do the Tigers make the post-season without Cabrera? I think it’s safe to say they don’t. Where do the Angels finish up without Trout? In either scenario, they aren’t playing extra ball. For anyone pointing out LA’s better record, you’re pushing it. You can’t control the strength of the divisions (who saw the A’s coming?) just like you can’t control what’s probably the biggest reason Mike Trout doesn’t win MVP & the Angels didn’t take the West. He kicked off 2012 in the minors.

The Angels started off 6-14 before calling up their phenom. Since then, they’re 83-57. That’s a .593 winning percentage, which would be best in the AL. 20 more games and Trout’s over 50 steals & pushing 100 RBI. Even with a historical Triple Crown year, that hypothetical rookie season might be tough to beat when it results in the top seed for October baseball…but you can’t vote based on speculation. Reality is, Cabrera is 48 hours from a Triple Crown and is also #2 in hits & runs (which is way more impressive base running considering he’s 300 pounds). Dude might be the closest ever to a Quintuple Crown. Best OPS, best slugging percentage, top-4 OBP…and although Trout’s right there with him in most categories, he’s still behind him in all but runs & OBP. Yes, he steals bases and plays a stellar CF – but Miggy’s no defensive liability. He’s third in AL 3B fielding % with the second-most chances. Pretty good for a blimp. The Triple Crown legend obviously doesn’t hurt, but even if he falls short I don’t think that’s the be all, end all as to why he’s more deserving than Trout.

It’s close. I respect the Trout argument, but it’s wrong. Miguel Cabrera’s monster season got his (lesser) team into the playoffs while, although obviously not his fault, Mike Trout’s preseason darling LA Angels missed the boat. That’s what the game’s about. It’s not about Web Gems or your time from home to first. The kid’s gonna have to make room for a couple of future MVP trophies, but he’s got a year to do so. #TeamMiggy