Ah, Philly Fans and Jets fans. 2 of the most pessimistic, battered fan bases in all of sports. Both teams have been making outrageous claims and guarantees and proclamations. Both teams fucking stink and are in complete disarray. So the question is who has it worse? Mo and the Eagles fans or KFC and the Jets fans.

I can’t sit here and tell you many good things about the Eagles team right now. In fact, I don’t think I can tell you any positive things at all. Mo did a hell of a job explaining why its atrocious rooting for them. But there are 2 major issues with the Jets that I think give them the edge over being the shittiest football franchise in the Barstool network.

1. Limbo – The Jets are completely fucked right now and for the foreseeable future. The franchise is wallowing in mediocrity in the NFL’s version of limbo. They have 3 quarterbacks, none of which are the answer. They just traded for Tebow and extended Sanchez. What change are they making at the quarterback position any time soon? None. Its a foregone conclusion Vick is gone after this season. Is Foles the answer? Probably not, but we don’t know. I can tell you with absolute fucking certainty Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow are not the answers. Maybe prior to this season I would argue that Sanchez could still have been a solid game manager if they improved everything else around him – but he’s just absolutely shot now. His career in New York is over. Same thing with the head coach. In all likelihood The Walrus is gone from Philadelphia. Heads are gonna roll in Philly. Wholesale changes because their failure is unacceptable.  Meanwhile I think Rex is still bulletproof. Woody loves headlines and when it comes to the back pages of the newspapers, Rex Ryan has a dynasty. I think we’ll see Mike Tannenbaum get axed or demoted and Mike Westhoff gets fired. Just some bullshit to appease the angry fans and make it look like they are trying. In the NFL either your window is opened or its closed and right now the Jets and Eagles are fucking closed. At least Philly understands that and is gonna blow it up.

2. The Giants are in our backyard – I know the Eagles and Giants are division rivals. I know that its awful to see a NFC East foe win the Super Bowl. But the amount of Giants bullshit Jets fans have to endure on a daily basis is a hundred times worse than what Philly has to put up with. Its the same thing with the Mets and Yankees. Yea, the Red Sox would die a little bit if the Yankees won the World Series – but on a day in and day out basis the Mets franchise and fan base are tortured by the fans and the media slobbering over the Pinstripes. Every single step of the Jets ineptitude has been coupled with the historic Giants rising back to the top. Its what makes rooting for the Mets and Jets the worst thing on the planet earth. We share the city with two of the most competent, successful franchises in all of sports. My newspapers, my talk radio, my friends, my bars, my OWN FUCKING BLOG is covered in Yankees and Giants glory. The big Jets news of the past week was some delusional man-baby asshole fireman who decided he’s giving up. Woo hoo.

In summation – the Jets are devoid of talent. They have the least amount of talented players in the league. I mean that sincerely. Aside from Darelle Revis, who probably won’t be here much longer – the Jets have zero playmakers anywhere on the field. More importantly they have no plans to change anything they’ve done while assembling this talentless group of losers. Stay the course! And off the field they are constantly compared to a Giants regime with 2 Super Bowls already in their pocket who’s future is set for probably the next 5 years minimum. If there’s anyone on this Barstool network who’s gonna take the crown of “Shittiest life as a fan” its fucking me, Mo. You can play second fiddle if you want. But that throne is mine.

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