2:25: Courtney: I call him Dad instead of Doug sometimes on accident. Doug: See this is the thing, I’m raising my wife.

Huffington PostEver since Courtney Stodden married then-51-year old actor Doug Hutchinson back when she was only 16-years-old, she’s been auditioning for a reality show. The couple finally got what they wanted, appearing in the new season of VH1′s “Couples Therapy.” Right away, there was plenty to explore about the couple. “I call him dad instead of Doug,” Courtney said. Doug responded, “See? This is the thing. I’m raising my wife.” A 34-year age difference could make things feel that way, perhaps.

The mere fact that VH1 felt the need to sign up other couples for this show is baffling. This show could be 3 hours a day, 7 days a week and Courtney Stodden and her cradle robbing husband could fill up the whole series by themselves. Whats even more creepy about these two is that this guy is really trying to make this be a functioning relationship. Like he’s actually talking all eloquently and intelligently about trying to compromise with her and make things work. How fucking crazy is that? At least she just runs around like the 17 year old slut that she is playing Halloween every day looking for attention. He’s actually worried about the long term repercussions for their marriage.

Thats just some loony tunes shit. Hey bro – SHE CALLS YOU DAD. You admitted that you’re raising your own wife because she’s such a young dumb whore. Wake the fuck up! Just play Halloween with her and fuck her 6 ways from Sunday every night and ride the wave until she inevitably OD’s. No amount of advice from the dude from Loveline is gonna make this shit work.

PS – Out of all the completely wacked out, fucked up shit going on, this dude having designs shaved into the side of his head like he’s Anthony fucking Mason might be the most ridiculous part.