I have a question. Is there fucking anything to do in Russia? They’re always climbing on giant towers and flying off of rooftops and shit. Get drunk and try to hook up. Those are forms of entertainment that arent life threatening. For the most part.

Anyway, is there any doubt that this chick just wants to hang out and be one of the gang and this is the kinda shit they make her do? Kinda like Sweet D from Its Always Sunny or Angelina with Pauly Vinny and Situation in the Jersey Shore. If you’re gonna always come around and ruin the group dynamic and bother us during the game and make it awkward when we’re trying to talk about fucking chicks, then we’re throwing your ass off the roof, guinea pig. Hope “being one of the gang” is worth our flying off the top of this skyscraper in our makeshift bungee sled you annoying bitch.