Just wait until you start CCD kid. Then you’ll realize how much religion sucks.

I dare you to try to find a kid who likes church other than this little freak. Can’t do it. Because church sucks so bad. My most vivid memory of being a heathen and loathing church was when I was like 8 and I slipped the Host into my pocket at Communion. You know, it was early on a Sunday morning and I just didn’t feel like eating a piece of fucking cardboard. So I did a little dip-a-roo on the whole Communion thing and with a little slight of hand I dropped it into my pocket. I had gotten my First Communion like 2 weeks earlier and I was already fed up with the whole process.

Well give me an “A” for effort and an “F” for execution because your boy KFC left that shit in his pants pocket. Mama dukes was none too pleased when she went to do laundry and found that she almost ran the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through a heavy duty wash cycle. Some kids leave candy or toys or rocks and stuff from outside in their pockets. KFC? The Flesh of Christ.