PFT - On Thursday morning Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck joined the crowd of NFL players who took on Antonio Cromartie for making comments critical of the NFL Players’ Association. And then Hasselbeck thought better of it.

On his verified Twitter account, Hasselbeck wrote, “Somebody ask Cromartie if he knows what CBA stands for.” It was a clear shot at Cromartie for saying this week that the players’ union’s leadership is “acting like an a–hole.”

But Hasselbeck has now deleted that Tweet. Maybe because he realized that one union member publicly insulting another union member is not the best way for the union to show unity. Or maybe because he realized that he’s in the same boat as Cromartie: They’ll both be free agents in March, and neither one of them will be able to sign a new contract or collect a signing bonus if there’s a work stoppage.

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